Escape to Glades County in Florida’s Last Pristine Wilderness

Jeff Harrod and Daisy the BearPublished in Hobe Sound Magazine, May 2007.

A soft breeze feathers through thatches of palmettos spiking a crimson horizon, as dragonflies dance from peak to peak, flashing their turquoise iridescence along a whimsical path. Beams of sunlight stream through waving cabbage palms tracing their graceful stalks into native scrub. Quietly, the morning awakes in this small area of Glades County, nestled on the western shore of Lake Okeechobee in the vast Everglades prairie; a living spectacle of Nature’s unobtrusive Beauty that captures the senses and stamps its unique imprint upon space, time, and those who carry their weary bodies from the bustle of city drama into the fresh air of the pristine wilderness.