Yoga for Life

Yoga for Life
Nancy Dale, Ph.D.
Yoga: The Challenge to Re-Create Life
Defining “living in the Age of Technology” is a challenge and oxymoron (terms that seems to be opposite from “real life”). In response to forced isolation, many people have turned to artificial experiences like technology as a substitute for human contact when freedom to make personal choices are altered by circumstance. Since the spread of the virus and resulting shut down to outside human interaction, the Internet “reality” of playing on-line games, digital friendships and exercise classes is the so-called “norm.”. A social, techno community has evolved and strengthened due to forced isolation. But as the world opens again to real-life experience will the technology footprint provide a greater life awareness than personal, human exchanges? Have we come to a sobering reality that the digital world is monopolizing our life?

During this present human crisis, on-line Yoga classes have flooded the market providing continuation of a Yoga practice that requires only a mat, a small space and dedication. However, is on-line Yoga as beneficial and rewarding as the human interchange with a teacher and others in a learning experience from the living class setting? Does Yoga, on-line, provide comradery and an exchange with other humans gathered together to share growth and instruction in the socialization setting of a “live” Yoga class?

This strange contagious virus will forever alter human lifestyles, goals/habits cultural behaviors and open an awareness of personal goals and life fulfilling choices. As we re-shape and formulate every new day, the past is relinquished to the present. Therefore, what is the new design choice for our Future? How will we encode the future to re-create new Life? How will we choose to practice Yoga?

“No passive attitude, no skimming over any experience will ever bring results no matter how gifted one may have been in the past. The present requires obedience that the gifts of yesterday will be brought to life again.” (The Door of the Heart: by Pancratia.)

Letting go of grief, releases positive energy. A shared Yoga experience with a personal Instructor and other students, generates life in a positive direction. Yoga can be the threshold of achievement that awakens an inner adventure to explore life in a new way. Technology can stimulate thinking but there is no greater pathway than what the mind initiates through a “living” life force growing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The platform of technology i.e. taking on-line courses/exercises are a substitute for personal interaction with other human beings sharing personal growth experiences. Sharing space with living awakened human beings, awakens growth.

As we come to appreciate, once again, freedom from the restrictive lock-downs, growth and new direction comes to the foreground. of our thoughts and life activities. Human beings are “social animals” and long for personal contact with others to share adventures/tragedies, good times and lessons learned. We want to guard this precious freedom of human experience for which there is not greater reward and avoid returning to an artificial, self-imposed “lockdown” on life.

Today we start over with Hope and sweet fragrance! Breathe new life into every moment. Make new choices that enhance happiness, ponder the past and ventilate those lessons. Take a Yoga class and forge a rewarding challenge into the Future.

“I can see clearly now; the clouds are gone. I can see no obstacles in my way. It is going
to be a bright, bright sunshiny day!” (Johnny Cash, song writer).